The 10 Biggest Gaps*
What are the biggest gaps between need and capability?")
1. Understanding of changing
market drivers and customer needs
2. Linking Marketing & Sales
to business strategy
Integration across business units and internal functions
4. Inability to link supply and
demand chains
5. Unable to measure results

6. Inability to re-structure in order
to meet new market needs
7. Weak performance from
service/supplier partners
8. Integrating customer data with
strategic planning
9. Aligning IT with business
10. Aligning internal talent with
business strategy
*AHPL CEO Survey, June 2004

Who We Are 
New thinking, proven skills, broad range and focused on results

New market conditions require new approaches.

We have designed AllianceHPL specifically to meet the performance requirements of the "Next Economy" and to help Clients close the biggest gaps they find in their organization's performance

  • Expertise in "Next Economy" market dynamics with broad market experience.

  • Ability to action the advice we provide and measure its commercial value.

  • Managed and led by people who have held top level operating positions and have been successful change leaders in their own companies (and those of their clients).

  • An operating philosophy geared toward delivering the solutions our Clients require in this complex "Next Economy."

  • Uniquely organized as a core strategic advice and solutions firm surrounded by an integrated global network of leading-edge Alliance Partners, all with bona fide "Next Economy" credentials who provide on-demand, engagement-specific resources.

In short, AHPL is perfectly aligned to deliver the advice and implementation that today's "Next Economy" demands and to deliver faster, more profitable organic growth for our Clients. Our structure ensures that the best talent available is brought to the challenge and enables us to deliver better solutions in less time with less cost.

And finally, we are an organization that links its performance to its compensation--we will not execute that which cannot be measured

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