"We've spent $200 million in advertising and $40 million in consulting fees just to keep our nose above water--there has to be a better way!" - Fortune 500 CEO

Action and Measurement 

At AHPL, we believe that brilliant, rapid and measurable marketplace execution is just as important as strategic insight--and given today’s headcount compressed company structures, we’d argue that perhaps efficient execution may take precedence over strategy in certain situations.

After all, the most brilliant strategic insights count for nothing if they cannot be implemented and measured.

Which is why we uniquely offer our Clients the ability to execute,or outsource, any and all aspects of our engagements strategic recommendations. Unlike traditional consulting firms, our strategic recommendations always include executional plans and measurement systems. While the choice is of course up to our Clients, we find that in more than 75% of our engagements we are asked to either assist and direct internal Client assets in deploying our recommendations or handle the implementation entirely ourselves.

We are uniquely qualified to provide this extended actionability as all of our Senior Partners and Alliance Partners have extensive senior-level Client experience implementing strategies that transform businesses.

We don’t just understand the theory; we understand the practice--and we’re willing to stand behind the results.

Lastly, we simply do not recommend that which cannot be measured. Brilliant strategies and execution are useless unless measurement systems are designed and agreed to prior to implementation. It is a core belief and value of AHPL that systems which provide the ability to provide continuous metrics--and thus, continuous improvements--are necessary to establish the goals and milestones that will provide sustainable organic and profitable growth.

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