"We've spent $200 million in advertising and $40 million in consulting fees just to keep our nose above water--there has to be a better way!" - Fortune 500 CEO

How We Deliver  

Unlike traditional strategic services or marketing services firms, AHPL provides the enterprise-wide analysis, advice, actionability and accountability that companies require in order to achieve faster, more profitable organic growth.

  • Exclusive focus on Next Economy market dynamics, not yesterday's rulebooks.
  • Ability to both advise and action the advice - we turn strategy into action.
  • Focus on measurable commercial results, linked directly to business strategy, optimized value creation and high ROI.
  • Senior core management team with significant, successful, real world C-level experience who personally lead client assignments from beginning to end and who personally ensure strategic linkage at all points in the process.
  • Superior value through on-demand deployment of best in class resources to optimize the value and ROI of clients' investment in our services.
  • Best speed to market - we are organized for minimum bureaucratic drag and maximum responsiveness.
  • Best in class, leading edge resources in the form of a collaborative, fully integrated, expert global network of front wave partner companies and individuals.

Our business model is founded on the need to provide top tier capability and service in every category and discipline of service we offer. To accomplish this credibly, we leverage our assets with a network of independent alliance partners , each of whom are recognized leaders in their category or discipline. These resources are activated on-demand to optimize clients' ROI on their investment. Each client relationship is managed, top to bottom, by an AllianceHPL principal to ensure seamless and strategically consistent delivery of advice and solutions.

How We Earn

We don't believe in traditional cost-based compensation because the incentive is to increase costs. Instead, we offer a value-based, performance-driven approach.

Consistent with our focus on actionable solutions that drive profitable organic growth and more effective, more competitive organizations, we base our fees on measurable outcomes and guarantee a superior return on investment vs.existing alternatives.

Our approach is flexible and can take the form of straight project fees or base fees + incentive bonus and/or equity, depending on such factors as the nature of the assignment, its measurable outcome and company lifecycle.

This approach ensures focus where it counts - on results that drive growth and value creation.

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