Challenges of the Next Economy* ("What are your top business priorities?)
1. Grow organic assets faster
2. Lower costs/Reduce inefficiencies
3. Develop better, more timely Information (internal/external)
4. Deploy better metrics systems
5. Drive improved brand performance
6. Leverage channels (sales / marketing / media channels /distribution )
7. Improve market intelligence and risk exposure
8. Integrate enterprise-wide go-to-market activities
9. Develop and align internal talent
10. Improve supply chain and external vendor productivity
AHPL CEO Survey, June 2004

Creating Faster, More Profitable Organic Growth 
in the "Next Economy"

In the last decade, we have experienced a perfect storm of change. from the tremendous technology advances and the internet driven "new economy" of the 90's where promises became more important than the dramatic bubble burst and three years of global economic decline where financial engineering became the primary driver of corporate results.

With a progressive recovery now underway, we are moving into the "Next Economy " in which Innovation and profitable organic growth are now primary drivers of value creation.

The problem Is that the market place has dramatically changed; resources remain limited and the traditional playbooks don't work anymore. The "good ole days" are gone forever. Welcome to the" Next Economy" . It's happening right now.

Now what?

You're under immense pressure to innovate and profitably grow ; but h ow do you change the game to make that happen in a more complex, slower-growing , over-supplied , noisy marketplace with a proliferation of brands, channels, competitors and old-playbook suppliers and vendors?

That's what AllianceHPL is all about. We are a unique strategic advice and solutions firm focused exclusively on harnessing the new market dynamics and technologies to help our clients profitably grow in the "Next Economy" .faster. See how we deliver on this promise with real solutions and results.

Learn more about the implications of the "Next Economy" on your business.

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