"We've spent $200 million in advertising and $40 million in consulting fees just to keep our nose above water--there has to be a better way!" - Fortune 500 CEO

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Horizontal Practice Areas
° Brand valuation and portfolio management
--Brand potential, innovation and ROI performance analysis
--Consumer-driven demand and adoption projections
--Brand positioning strategy and planning
--New product development process success/failure analysis
--Cross-channel, cross-border management systems

° Customer Segmentation and Data Analytics
--Analysis, predictive modeling and marketing programmatics
of high-potential/high-profit segments
--Customer behavioural segmentation
--Alignment of marketing/distribution models with customer
and prospect realities

. Market / Program Planning & Execution
--Growth options and market priorities
--SWOT assessment (internal / competitive)
--Integrated program planning & execution
--Program value analysis

° Customer Profitability Analysis and Management
--Discovery, analysis and communications programming
--Go-to-market re-alignment along key customer/prospect segments
--High-value customer experience engineering and measurement
--CRM systems analyis and productivity improvement

° Salesforce Productivity Enhancement
--Sales and Marketing integration and performance (ROI analysis
--Delivery-system potential analysis and alignment
--Incentive/marketing allowance analysis and programming
--Sales/presentation audit and training

. Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Management
--Strategy-based criteria, selection process and evaluation
--Integrated management / optimization
--Performance-based compensation and appraisals systems

° Market Research
--Primary and secondary market research
--Audience/customer/prospect/distribution chain analytics
--Ongoing, closed-loop measurement systems

° Organizational Alignment and Development
--Matching mission with capabilities; human, IT and organization
--Organizational potential analysis, staff analysis and recruitment
--Training, re-organization and re-alignment implementation

. Demand Chain Enhancement
--Aligning new product development, sales and marketing programs
--Improving marketplace performance
--Measurement (ROI) systems

° Marketing and Sales Communications Productivity
--Holistic analysis of strategy, execution and performance
--Vendor/supplier/agency performance analysis
--Outsourcing opportunity analysis

° Knowledge Management
--Alignment of Demand, Supply and Information Chain systems
performance and ROI
--Business Intelligence Systems (Internal / External)
--IT integration and alignment with BIS, marketing, and sales systems
--Training and alignment of the customer-focused organization

° Risk Management / Crisis Forecasting
--Pro-active, company-wide, tools-based risk assessment and
process management systems
--Early threat recognition systems and strategic response planning
--Turn-key crisis management systems

° Corporate Governance
--SOX compliance analysis and organizational alignment
--Director/Board training and development
--Corporate/employee/stakeholder communications programs

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