"We've spent $200 million in advertising and $40 million in consulting fees just to keep our nose above water--there has to be a better way!" - Fortune 500 CEO

Our Experience  

Examples of Current / Recent Relationships

  • Leading global automotive company. Enhancement of vehicle design and branding process + new product development.
  • Leading global consumer electronics company. Global brand architecture & portfolio management system.
  • Leading global fast food company. Global brand organization and management system.
  • Leading home materials company. Stretching business / brand into new markets, strategy development, market planning.
  • Large global holding company. New skin care product line development, positioning, planning and market execution.
  • Global environmental resources company. Development of positioning and strategy for major innovation in the global desalination and water purification market.
  • Early stage technology company. Brand positioning / selling strategy / market plan for a major innovation in the global search engine market.
  • European based technology company. Market positioning / brand development / sales strategy.
  • UK based leading retail company. Long term growth strategy and development plan.
  • Major broadcast TV network. Strategy for new program development.
  • Pro bono. Market strategy and planning for a unique health and fitness program for school children. Leading global experiential education organization. Global marketing and organization. Leading international graduate school. Global brand re-positioning and marketing plan.
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