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KM Readiness Assessment 

In today’s complex, fast changing business environment, management must deliver ever-higher standards and results while facing increasing competition, highly distributed organizations and business models, and a heightened focus on corporate governance and compliance. AHPL believes that in order to manage, deliver and sustain exceptional performance, organizations must have the tools in place to measure, monitor and reinforce processes, not just outcomes.

Our Readiness Assessment begins with a review of the information and reports that executives and managers use on a daily basis. We also ask about business opportunities for sharing some or all of this information. We will perform a high level audit of information resources and report generation. Based on this, we will propose one or more discrete KM enhancement projects with our best estimate of the potential benefit, the projected cost and the known risks. The last step before presenting this project to the executive level will be to interview the affected managers and senior staff about their feelings and expectations for the project. This information will help us to work with you to define organizational, motivational and compensatory strategies to ensure success.

The goal is to deliver a platform to significantly increase KM process efficiency and performance effectiveness across the entire operational reach of the enterprise (and even extended enterprise). The output from this KM platform will help management to strategically plan, execute, measure, assess, and action improvements to deliver consistently higher performance and organizational effectiveness in timely fashion. It should also provide a basis for addition KM increments as the business warrants.

Opportunities that we look for include:

  • Connecting and consolidating isolated, inconsistent and distributed data into a centralized, actionable, decision support system;
  • Establishing a framework to translate corporate strategy into specific performance management metrics and targets that can be communicated with clarity, accountability and visibility to the people that drive performance and results
  • Continuously driving performance by delivering actionable information to the right person, at the right time in a process enabling faster and more effective decision making
  • Providing a secure and highly configurable environment and global tool-set to rapidly realign strategies to meet constantly changing business needs;
  • Providing self service access, anywhere at any time, to a centralized critical source of information, addressing the unique needs of individuals at every level in the enterprise;

Ultimately, this approach to knowledge management drives improvement in operating performance, market position and margin performance across the organization.

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