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Risk Assessment / Process Management 

In today’s “Next Economy” environment, management must deliver ever-higher standards and results while facing increasing competition, highly distributed organizations and business models, and a heightened focus on corporate governance and compliance. AHPL believes that in order to manage, deliver and sustain exceptional performance, organizations must have the tools in place to measure, monitor and reinforce processes, not just outcomes.

Typical questions we hear from our Clients include:

  • How can I ensure my isolated risk-related data is centralized into an actionable decision support system?
  • How do I get this information into the right form and into the right hands so that my people can make better decisions?
  • How do I ensure that risk-related information critical to corporate strategy is flagged and elevated for senior governance attention?
  • What else can I be doing to ensure we don't get blindsided by risk/threats for which we have no response strategy?

How can I ensure that we’re not blindsided by risks/threats for which we have no response strategy?

(Heads in the sand and hope just will not cut it in today’s environment)

Less than 5% of today’s public companies invest in looking for trouble before it finds them. We find this incomprehensible. The costs of keeping a weather-eye cocked toward potential problems is infinitesimal when compared to the cost of remediating a public crises such as the Tylenol or Audi scares.

Which is why we created the AHPL “Horizon Scan” service; a service that helps our Clients with scenario planning and real-world scanning to monitor mission-critical aspects of their business.

For a major manufacturer of consumer products, chemicals and industrial products, we deployed our Horizon Scan service in order to track certain molecules and compounds that research had proven the potential of being problematic if tested by the “wrong” folks. Working with the Clients senior management team: CEO, Risk Management, Legal and Engineering, we worked to identify those product elements which could pose real or imagined health and regulatory concerns.

We then deployed a comprehensive global system that tracked all public debate about these element found in the media. We created active internet “bots” that crawled cyberspace in order to track mention of these elements. In addition, our staff monitored all identifiable chat rooms and bulletin boards that mentioned the elements.

By doing so, we were able to help our Client head off a major corporate and public disaster when certain public advocacy groups began to circle around the potential health hazards of a compound found in every consumer’s home. As the debate raged, we recommended that the Client pull the product, re-formulate to eliminate the questionable compound and re-launch the product.

While the Client lost a year’s worth of sales plus the cost of re-formulation, this cost was less than 1/50th of our estimates of the cost of fighting the battle with the OSHA/EPA/FTC in the public arena.

Our Horizon Scan service is now deployed against 20+ scenarios within the Client company.

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